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Luuk Wagenaar

Junior Data Scientist

“Change is not merely a new direction; It's a new perspective on possibilities”

More about Luuk

Every transformation, no matter how subtle, presents a fresh angle on what could be. Embracing this perspective, instead of resisting it, can open the doors to many new possibilities and smart decisions. And in the rapidly evolving world of finance, data drives decisions. My role in the consultancy sector is grounded in data science, with a focus on generative AI and machine learning. I have a robust background in statistics, and my current projects center on enhancing consultancy processes with generative AI. The aim? More efficiency, less manual intervention.

What keeps me going in this field is the continuous evolution of technology. The opportunity to work on something as cutting-edge as generative AI, particularly in a space where it’s still nascent, is exciting. One highlight for me was streamlining a complex consultancy task using this tech, simplifying and accelerating processes beyond what we initially imagined.

Outside of work, my escape is into nature. Hiking, especially in mountainous terrains, is a personal favorite. It’s also where I merge interests, often filming my adventures from above using my drone. When I’m not outdoors or working, I’m probably at the gym or hanging out with friends, enjoying movie nights, or losing miserably in a game of table football.

Luuk in short:

  • Expertise: Data Science, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Statistics
  • Education: MSc Data Science | BSc Software Engineering