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AI driven Regulatory Compliance

Simplified & Accelerated

With new AI capabilities being announced almost daily, it can be difficult to know when and how to begin an AI journey. However, by using AI to assist existing teams and processes, in a modular, testable and transparent fashion, it is possible to identify use cases which assist with repetitive or time-consuming activities, while still ensuring there is a “human-in-the-loop” for quality assurance and decisioning

☑️ Pick from multiple regulations           ☑️ Human-in-he-loop augmentation          ☑️ Impact assessments with precision

Our AI-enabled RegTech approach helps you to hit the ground running with pre-prepared regulatory information. Bring your Regulatory requirements to life with a contextually-aware Conversational AI, built upon a combination of deep regulatory expertise and cutting-edge AI technology.

Regulatory Fatigue

  • Manual analysis is time-consuming and prone to human error, diverting valuable resources from high-priority tasks.
  • Slow internal review processes hinder efficiency, delaying important decision-making and reducing overall productivity.
  • Disorganised regulatory information and policy management create confusion and inefficiency, leading to poor strategic decisions and increased compliance risk.
  • Limited availability of specialised regulatory knowledge burdens existing experts and drives up costs for external consultants, making it challenging to keep up with necessary changes.
  • Interpreting and applying complex regulatory requirements without advanced AI support can result in misunderstandings, non-compliance, and missed opportunities for optimisation.

How RegAI can help

  • Our RegAI tooling automates routine analysis, allowing your teams to focus on high-value activities.
  • RegAI significantly speeds up your internal reviews, ensuring high-quality results, freeing your employees to focus on more valuable tasks.
  • RegAI organises your regulatory information and policy management, supporting better strategic decisions and reduces compliance risk.
  • RegAI helps manage limited specialised knowledge, reducing the need for overburdened experts or costly consultants. It speeds up identifying necessary changes, easing your employees’ workload.
  • Bring your regulatory requirements to life with a contextually-aware Conversational AI, built upon a combination of deep regulatory expertise and cutting-edge AI technology.

RegAI functionalities

RegAI offers a variety of advanced tools to simplify and accelerate and strengthen regulatory change management within your organisation

Regulatory Nexus

Advanced tools for Regulatory Excellence

  • Regulatory Watchtower – Quickly and interactively understand the most important insights of complex regulatory frameworks, surpassing the value of traditional data sources
  • Requirement Creator – Streamline compliance processes by generating regulatory requirements automatically, accelerating traditionally- intensive analysis activities
  • Impact Previewer – Up-front Assessment against Industry best practice frameworks (e.g. Value Chains, Delivery Frameworks, Data Dictionaries and more)

Impact Navigator

Precision Impact Analysis for Informed Compliance

  • Policy Analyser – Compare regulatory requirements with your existing policy house to identify both coverage and gaps
  • Process Analyser – Analyse existing processes and procedures in the context of specific regulatory requirements
  • Organisational Analyser – Assess the roles and responsibilities of your organisation in the light of upcoming changes
  • Reporting Analyser – Locate specific change requirements for regulatory reporting to accelerate your analysis and implementation

Launch Pad

Recommended changes to fast-track your regulatory implementation

  • DPOT Generator – Generate business requirements for identified gaps (DPOT)
  • Policy Drafter – Generate recommendations for policy improvements based on identified gaps
  • Control Framework Assessor – Generate recommendations for CFW improvements based on identified gaps
  • AI Regulatory Oversight – AI-assisted management insights across your regulatory program

Regulatory Vault

Implement your perspective and adhere to organisation-specific rules

  • Framework Repository – Securely upload and organise your compliance frameworks within a structured and protected environment. Each framework is stored in a dedicated Azure tenant, ensuring data isolation and safeguarding confidentiality and integrity.
  • Compliance Journey – Visualise and track your compliance evolution by periodically refreshing your changing policies and frameworks and comparing them efficiently with the latest regulatory requirements.

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