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Jessica Moscrip

Business Analyst


More about Jessica

Significant societal transformations often arise from periods of disorder, providing fertile ground for growth and innovation. Take the emergence of the internet, for instance. Before its widespread adoption, there was a tumultuous period as people struggled with rapid technological advancements and shifts in communication norms. However, this era of chaos ultimately led to the reshaping of our modern world, fostering unprecedented connectivity and global interaction.

Personally, I find myself drawn to chaos, seeing it as an opportunity to devise innovative solutions and introduce structure during times of change. Now, as we are amidst another significant transformative period in sustainability and digitisation, I am drawn to the disorder it brings, eager to contribute structure. My commitment to integrating sustainability and digital solutions into the financial industry stems from my belief in its pivotal role in forging a sustainable future. With experience in stakeholder management, crafting operational guidelines, and navigating intricate regulatory landscapes, including frameworks like the CSRD, I am prepared to drive positive change.

Outside work, I enjoy traveling, exploring diverse cultures, dining out, and swimming for sports, often with family and friends.

Jessica in short

  • Previously: MSc student at Erasmus University | MSc Global Business & Sustainability
  • Expertise: Regulatory Change
  • Education: ​Erasmus University, BSc International Business Administration | Erasmus Universiteit, MSc Global Business and Sustainability

Teamplayer. Facilitator. Open-minded.