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More about Geert

Nothing is as permanent as change. The financial sector is undergoing a lot of changes. Both on the side of the regulator where new and changing laws and regulations are frequently the order of the day, and in the market where new technology controls both customer behavior and organization of the organization.

I believe in the personal approach that we advocate with ACE: small teams with high-quality expertise, in close collaboration with the client, with the aim of delivering lasting capabilities for the client.

The most important challenge is to implement sustainable change in an organization. For this it is crucial that you act on the basis of the norms and values ​​that you stand for as an organization … and I am happy to contribute to that!

I do this by creating an overview and coming up with creative solutions based on a conviction that every problem requires a unique approach.

In addition to my work, I prefer to spend my time with family, friends and on a racing bike.

Geert in short

  • Previously: Director Data & Technology Risk at Deloitte
  • Expertise: Regulatory Change | Finance Performance Management | Unlocking data value through emergent technology | Compliance and regulatory reporting | BCBS #239 | Data Quality Management | Operational Risk | Complex Transformation Orchestration and Leadership
  • Education: Business Administration, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen | Executive Master in IT Auditing, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Leader. Innovative. Focused.