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Lex Dekkema

Managing Partner


More about Lex

Uncertainty: the only certainty in modern ( business ) life. Change is a constant factor and new issues- something chances disguised as threats – pop up in unexpected ways at unexpected times. A mindset that is aware, open and alert to change is not only better prepared to deal with change but also recognizes the opportunities- the chances – that come with change.

My role is to make sure that we as ACE Management Consultants keep alert and open minded to what is happening in our environment, market and especially our clients. What appears at the horizion, what could be the impact, what is our understanding, our view, how can we deliver value?

Working as an advisor to the financial services industry for over 25 years I still enjoy those moments when after a period intensely working together with a client addressing a complex situation that needed to be solved, I can close the door behind me and feel comfortable that the issue is properly addressed and the client team can take it further.

When I am not working I love to spend my time outside as a wildlife photographer or inside reading non fiction.

Lex in short

  • Previously: KPMG | Ernst & Young | Rabobank International
  • Expertise: Internal organization & control | Organizational change
  • Education: Business Economics (drs) | Master Management & Organization | Postdoc Internal Control | INSEAD KPMG Banking Academy

Teamplayer. Listener. Bridge builder.