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Harsh Pundhir

Data Science Working Student

"I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible." -- Friedrich Nietzsche

More about Harsh

If the ending is not a happy one, it may indicate that the journey is not yet complete. When I made the transition from a non-technical background to pursuing a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, everything seemed to fall into place. Currently, I am an enthusiastic engineer and a motivated graduate who excels in transforming ideas into practical technical solutions. My unwavering passion for Artificial Intelligence led me to join ACT, where our projects focus on solving long-standing business problems using AI tools. I enjoy learning about AI technologies and consider myself fortunate to apply them in the context of ACT. Additionally, I strive to cultivate a positive mindset, aiming to improve myself every day.

Outside of my AI pursuits, I find enjoyment in both sports and playing musical instruments during my free time. Reading books is my favorite leisure activity, and I cherish spending quality moments with my family and friends