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We’re Hiring! Meet Our New Corporate Recruiter, Christiaan Westers

Despite the challenges of this past year, ACE and our sister-companies ATOMIC and ACT Regtech Solutions have been able to serve our clients more thoroughly than ever before – and therefore have been expanding our personnel quite a bit! At such a rate even, that we’ve expanded our recruitment department to include Christiaan Westers as our brand new corporate recruiter who began with us just this past Monday.

Christiaan was the ideal candidate for several reasons.

With plenty of experience, Christiaan has the hard skills we needed but that’s not all – he also had the soft ones. He has a vast network of proven professionals in the finance world and an ability to easily foster friendly and effective working relationships with top talent. He also thinks outside-the-box, often seeing the potential in candidates that others would miss. He has a knack for spotting cross-over skills that bring accomplished people together that might, on the surface, seem like an unlikely match.

After heading-up his own company, Christiaan’s desire to learn more and hone his skills to an even greater degree drove him to start with us. He’s excited to begin assembling talent into teams and watch them grow – this being his favorite part of the job.

When he’s not putting the right person in their best role – and during a pandemic – Christiaan is gaming with his friends.

We’ve always believed that it’s our people that make us who we are, and we’re looking for yet more out-of-the-box thinkers like Christiaan to join our ranks.

If you’d like to join our quickly-growing enterprises and teams – or know someone who should – get in touch. We’re always looking for ambitious candidates that will find a place to grow with us.

As always, thanks for reading,