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Launching ACT RegTech Solutions – The Quest for Regulatory Intelligence

Gaining control and meaningful insights into your regulatory change efforts has never been easier with the introduction of ACE Company’s newest pillar: ACT RegTech Solutions. ACT knows that solutions cannot be found via isolated platforms or capabilities but instead as integrated services backed by deep knowledge and expertise. The regulatory change lifecycle is complex. Understanding where you stand in relation to critical deadlines requires significant manual effort and time. Despite all ongoing data and system improvements, management oversight is still a manually-intensive PowerPoint exercise. At ACT, we want to help with this. Our innovative services and solutions free up time for our clients, moving subjective analysis towards data-driven insight across the full regulatory lifecycle. Beyond this, we’re also passionate about using our data science capabilities to draw value from your current data. Whether this is focusing on anomaly detection, optimizing audit processes, or many other use cases, we’re here to help.

How does ACT help your business with regulatory change implementation?

1. ACT gives you integrated intelligence

In an easy-to-read dashboard, you can easily see all the programs you’re running, tracking their status throughout the entire regulatory change lifecycle. You can also track the budgets and resources of these themes, as well as all the changes it might bring to your business regarding tooling or people, etc. But at ACT, we provide more than only a platform or a tool; it’s a service – and it’s lean and modular. The service is tailored to your needs, and once established, can be extended to provide all the insights you need with overviews updated each month efficiently.

2. ACT gives you regulatory acceleration

The ACT capabilities introduce automation into your complex impact assessment processes. We can store impact assessments in a structured data model, effectively breaking the relearn cycle once and for all. Knowing how valuable it is, we also allow you to monitor and store granular regulatory requirement patterns at each stage of maturity, enabling you to pattern-match regulatory requirements with impact learnings to quickly estimate areas of change. It allows for a better understanding of interdependencies across programs, helping you map the best course of action to take, minimizing surprises and headaches.

3. ACT makes data an asset

Often our clients are sitting on vast arrays of data yet are unable to leverage this fully, instead using it only to respond to regulatory challenges or critical business needs. At ACT, we help you better leverage your data – whether this is through joining separate sets to gain unified insight or by drawing deep understanding from anomalies within the data. Further, we can help you direct these insights towards often neglected areas (e.g., product development), helping to truly make your data landscape work for you.

4. ACT gives you the best of both innovation and personable boutique consultancy

Our core values are focused on leaving behind sustainable value. We specialize in bridging the gap between management and delivery. RiSE is just a tool that helps us give our clients the best service possible. We take our RegTech solutions and back it with our expertise to ensure it’s perfectly tailored in a sustainable way to our clients’ needs and updated frequently, so it stays that way.

Indeed, we’re proud and excited to launch ACT. We’re excited about how our solutions improve communication across the regulatory lifecycle- both internally and externally. How it’s data-driven and how that data builds over time, making our products even better over time. We’re happy that we can help our clients lower expert costs.

If you have any questions or want to know more about how ACT can make your business better, please reach out.

As always, thanks for reading,