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Risketeers: Developing Next-Generation Talent Together

With Risketeers we aim to help our clients meet their future needs in regulatory knowledge, skills, and mindset.

Ace + Company has always been about solving problems in regulatory compliance. That’s true with our consultancy and management, with our regtech solutions, and with our interim professionals. And, with Risketeers, we’re taking steps to directly solve resourcing and talent shortages across our industry while introducing the talent and mindsets to make real change in the organizations we work with.

What is Risketeers

With Risketeers, ACE + Company has the opportunity to truly make a difference. Not just to the young professionals entering the market, but also to the financial services industry, which is facing ongoing issues sourcing the right qualified people. Rapid regulatory change, digitization, and changing priorities mean that these people are scarce or possibly don’t exist yet.

Everyone wants seniors and intermediate candidates, but they’re hard to find. And, hiring young professionals means taking on risks. Busy financial organizations don’t have the time to train and mentor new hires until they’re experienced enough to add value to the team. Candidate shortages mean workloads are high so you can’t take on people you have to train, but without training new people, there are no new people to take on those workloads.

That chicken and egg problem caused ACE to step up. Our Risketeers program takes young professionals and delivers the guidance, mentorship, and practical experience to allow them to start delivering value in your organization. And, because it’s a secondment and not just a traineeship, your Risketeers candidate stays with your organization after graduating from the program.

Risketeers is a traineeship and secondment program offering young professionals the opportunity to engage in an intensive education and traineeship for a mix of practical, theoretical, and hands-on-experience, guided by the experts from ACE+ Company, including ACE Management Consulting, ACT Regtech, and Interim senior professionals.

The result? Our program delivers professionals, with enough experience to add value to their team, in just one year.

Bringing Theory into Practice

Risketeers is backed by ACE Management Consulting and its regulatory compliance, finance, and risk management professionals. That allows us to look at our traineeship program from the perspective of clients. When you start a Risketeers program, we look at your organization’s needs, your culture, and tooling to ascertain the skills your team members need.

  • Risketeers are directly trained and mentored by experts in the field, including ACE Management Consulting professionals
  • Personal development is part of the program, helping candidates to recognize where they can grow and develop
  • Training incorporates real life cases which actually happened, ensuring trainees have awareness and a close connection to the environments where they’re starting their career.
  • Our program is flexible and we update training and assignments based on industry and regulatory trends in ESG, AI, etc.
  • The traineeship is dedicated to the challenges faced in risk, regulatory compliance, finance, and risk management professionals and tailored to the individual needs of the organization

Most importantly, that discussion is ongoing. We work to ensure we know what is needed to develop professionals for your organization throughout the program, so that we can adjust training and assignments as the program moves forward.

A Focus on the Future

Risketeers includes at minimum 30 days of hands-on training and guidance with ongoing secondment traineeship for 12 months, under the guidance of Ace Management Consulting. Our candidates are resilient, eager, ambitious, and have an affinity for working in finance, risk and compliance domains.

We also have a strong focus on personal development. That starts with recruitment, where we look at candidates from the perspective of personality assessments and use tools to support the recruitment and development process. Then, we use that to guide personal development, to set short and long-term goals, and to help candidates develop to where they want and need to be.

Our focus on personal development strategy allows us to ensure long-term engagement, while giving us insight to guide and facilitate that candidates journey through our traineeship.

That focus on personal development can add to knowledge and expertise. For example, it can be impactful in introducing purpose-driven culture and a fresh mindset to your organization.

Risketeers graduate our program and join your organization. But, they always have access to our alumni events and community, with mentorship, masterclasses, and training – so they can stay up to speed with the market.

Risketeers is over a year into its program. We just started with a new group of trainees. And, we’ll be taking on more in early summer.

If you’d like to know more about our Risketeers program, contact us to schedule a talk.