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Introducing new initiatives in sustainability & risk management in our new office WTC Amsterdam Zuid

ACE + Company has grown a lot since our launch in 2016. Today, we’ve grown our focus in delivering regulatory change to financial organizations through our sister companies, with ACE Management Consulting, Atomic Interim Professionals, and ACT Regtech Solutions, to deliver a full-service solution of regulatory change management, interim experts, and RegTech. Our passion for regulatory compliance has resulted in an increasingly large stable of clients, both locally and internationally.

In March, we received the keys to our new office, on the 19th floor of the World Trade Center in Amsterdam Zuid. This move gives us almost three times the physical space – ideal for our ambitions to expand our events and roundtable offerings for clients and industry peers – as well as the resources and technology to support our continued growth, hybrid meetings, and international cooperation. And, of course, with a location in the heart of Amsterdam Zuid, we remain committed to our local clients and industry.

Those ambitions are headed off by our Sustainability Forum, to take place on March 29th. This forum, which consists of a small, curated group of senior industry representatives from financial institutions in the Netherlands, will meet in our new office to discuss and exchange challenges and best practices in sustainable finance regulations – with the intention of meeting on a quarterly basis, so we can continue to share insights into legislation as it becomes relevant.

Our new office will also host our ongoing Regulatory Change Forum, which we organize in cooperation with the four systemic-important banks in the Netherlands.

Setting up this series of meetings with banks, insurance companies, and pension funds to compare notes and exchange views from a supervisory perspective is one way we aim to give back. For example, by providing the forum for discussion, we foster better adoption, understanding, and knowledge of how to embed new rules and regulations into the organization. Our informal platform is intended to be an avenue to discuss and share around these topics outside of competitive concerns.

Finally, our new space gives us plenty of room to launch our new initiative, Risketeers. This initiative is our solution to resolving staffing shortages in the area of risk data – with a combination of a 28-day education and traineeship with a year of on-the-job experience, after which our alumni can go on to work jobs in the industry.

ACE + Company has always been about solving problems in regulatory compliance. That’s true with our consultancy and management, it’s true with ACT and our regtech solutions, and with our interim professional services via Atomic. Now, we also hope to help our clients find the people they need to meet future regulatory needs.

These changes are part of our commitment to growth, and the same commitment to our clients we’ve always had.

If you’d like to learn more about our new initiatives or you’d like to meet us in our new office, contact us to schedule a cup of coffee or lunch.