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Happy Holidays and a Great 2023!

The ACE team wishes you Happy Holidays and a Great 2023!

The year 2022 has again been busy for us at ACE+Company.

Although we started the year working from home again in lock-down, we were very happy to enter our new office in March. Located in the WTC tower on the 19th floor, we have been and still are proud to invite clients for a meeting with us while enjoying the view over Amsterdam.

This year, we have introduced a new way to help our clients, by recruiting young professionals and giving them a yearlong coaching and training on the job before they join the bank. It’s called Risketeers! ACE+Company is now a group consisting of ACE Management Consulting, ATOMIC Interim Professionals and ACT RegTech Solutions and Risketeers.

ACE’s growth in the sustainability domain has been tremendous. Several new colleagues and multiple projects where clients rely on our knowledge and experience have made this a sustainable business for ACE. And of course, we are still helping out on regulatory changes, including those required to comply with sustainability regulations.

As always, we have shared our business success via fun events with clients and colleagues at regular points throughout the year. Next year, we will continue, so do look out for your invitation.

Our start of 2023 looks very promising, as we hope yours does as well… We are looking forward to a wonderful year!

Again, enjoy the holidays and we wish you a healthy 2023!

The ACE Team