About ACE Company

ACE Company supports and aids organisations in understanding, structuring and orchestrating the implementation of (new) regulations and guidelines. The complexity of these regulations and guidelines mean that their implementation has a considerable impact on all aspects of the organisation in question and must therefore be orchestrated carefully.

ACE Company is the only consultancy firm in the Netherlands that specialises in advising on and coordinating complex law and regulation programs in the financial sector.

Our clients include banks, insurance companies, asset managers, pension funds and regulatory supervisory bodies. We distinguish ourselves by means of three key qualities: extensive experience with change management in complex situations, knowledge of and experience with laws and regulations and knowledge of the financial sector. Our clients also value ACE Company for business change programmes in the financial sector that do not have a direct regulatory bias. Our consultants excel at balancing content and processes in such a way that they, together with you, ensure the success of regulatory change.


Small teams, large impact and added value

The challenges faced by our clients are a combination of the increasingly complex financial regulations and guidelines and the extensive demands enforced by regulatory supervisory bodies. Our clients appreciate our approach, knowledge and vision in terms of tackling these issues. Whether the task at hand deals with impact-assessments, operational readiness assessments or the integral orchestration of regulations, we always operate in small orchestration teams that work in close collaboration with your organization’s experts. As such, we offer our knowledge, supply insights and help you to successfully orchestrate change.


Connection and collaboration based on ‘best practices’

We connect teams, departments and disciplines within your organisation and use our best practices to enable you to excel. Due to our position as an independent, specialized firm we collaborate efficiently and effectively with third parties, such as large, renowned consultancy and IT implementation firms.


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