New Laws and Regulations

First we organize, then we execute

In terms of new laws and regulations, ACE Company will first assess their impact on all aspects of your organization. Which license holders do you have? Are all licensees truly necessary or can certain entities be combined? Is it possible to move activities between entities to make it easier to comply with the new legislation? How can we structure the organization in as simple a way as possible? We firmly believe in organizing and structuring first and implementing after. Our projects are often 80% analysis and 20% execution. The savings you make in terms of both implementation resources and management attention can be redirected to initiatives that enhance your strategic advantage.

Only after organizing and structuring do we turn our attention to implementation schemes where, within the agreed time and budget, we make sure that the new laws and regulations are adhered to. These implementation schemes are predominantly fact based – for every program we construct an audit trail. The audit trail consists of all the requirements of the laws and regulations, the translation of these to solutions for your organization, and the evidence of compliance after implementation. You can then use the audit trail to clearly demonstrate to all internal and external stakeholders (such as supervisory bodies) that you are compliant and the ways in which you have achieved this for years to come.