AcePortretten 2018 03 KL-023

Nonka Donev

Nonka has amassed over 15 years’ experience at renowned financial institutions, such as Robeco, SNS Asset Management and NN Investment Partners. Here she assumed the role of Expert, Senior Project Manager and Senior Product Manager, through which she has been intensively involved with Regulatory Change trajectories. Nonka studied Financial Business Economy at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is experienced in implementing regulations surrounding the provision ban. Furthermore, Nonka has extensive experience with product management and life-cycle management for investment funds. As project manager, she oversaw the implementation of AIFMD, which included Risk and Liquidity Management, Selection Custodian, Reporting Supervisor, Governance and AOIC, and the adjustment of fund documentation. Nonka has been working as a Manager for ACE Regulatory Change since the start of 2017.