Studious. Resourceful. Adventurous.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang

Opportunities for innovation often emerge from change. Change in what society regards as important, in combination with technological progress offers new possibilities. In my studies, this is often applied in the field of energy and sustainability. The integration of scientific developments into business through innovation is a central theme in that application.

What makes this study direction exciting, is that the concepts and theories can be applied in almost any sector. In addition, the developments of new technologies are happening at a rapid pace, meaning many new challenges arise. My internship at ACE, where I will write my thesis, is an excellent example. I will conduct research on the possibilities of innovative information technologies to contribute to data-driven decision making for regulatory change. The financial sector was however not often discussed during my studies, meaning that conducting the research is an exciting challenge.

In my free time, I also enjoy exploring and discovering new things. Holidays or day trips are never carefully planned for example, which mostly results in getting to places which are not mentioned in brochures. In terms of hobbies, I have recently discovered philosophy and chess, while there is also time reserved to spend with friends and family.

Martin in short:

Previous: Flight Dispatcher, at Viggo Eindhoven Airport B.V.
Expertise: Integrating scientific aspects into business through innovation, mainly in the field of energy and sustainability
Education: Sustainable Innovation (BSc) at Eindhoven University of Technology, Science Business and Innovation (MSc) at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam