Chiara Gamarra


Curious. Result-driven. Analytical.

“In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes

As a former scientist, I thought it befitting to use the words of Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier to express what change means to me.

Change is unavoidable and intrinsic to nature: it should be embraced rather than feared. Change regulates all aspects of our life, and is a fundamental and exciting part of innovation.

I joined the world of FinTech in 2016, and since then I have had the opportunity to gain experience in several areas: from Customer Due Diligence to Financial Crime prevention, from Process Management to writing policies. I enjoy the challenges of improving the processes efficiency of organisations.

My ideal work environment is multidisciplinary, dynamic and fast-paced. I firmly believe that cooperation between people with different expertise and backgrounds is the key to success for every project. Everyone brings a different perspective to the table and looks at things from different angles, and combining everyone’s ideas and intuition is the most effective way to find an original solution to a problem.

Aside from work, I love starting my days practicing yoga, and sometimes ending them in a kickboxing gym! I enjoy cooking, gardening and playing the piano (I currently don’t have one in my home, but I hope to fix this issue soon!).

Chiara in short

  • Previously: Compliance Operations Lead @bunq, Compliance Operations Coordinator @Bitonic
  • Expertise: Process Management, KYC, AML, Sanction screening, Financial Crime prevention
  • Education: MSc in Conservation Science – University of Turin; Summer School in Illicit Trade – University of Groningen