Brune Riemeijer


Goal oriented. Hands-on. Teamplayer.

“If you accept the expectations of others, you never will change the outcome.” Michael Jordan

14 years ago I started my career at the Risk Management practice of Deloitte. After 7 years, I switched to an internal consulting position at ABN AMRO with a focus on the Finance and Risk Functions of the Bank. After 3,5 years, I decided to start as an independent consultant and worked on assignments for large corporate banks. In March 2020, I joined Ace.

I like the quote of Michael Jordan because it tells you to don’t stop where expectations end, but to go a step further to realise change. The quote comes from one of the biggest sport legends ever, who kept surprising people throughout is whole career.

I have an overall view on the disciplines finance and risk, but I also have the ability to drill down to the details. My ‘can do’ mentality developed as an external consultant, and insight of complex interdependencies within large organizations gained during my time as an internal advisor at ABN AMRO, resulted in a valuable skill set which helps me to get the job done.

I get energy from working together with a multidisciplinary team in challenging environments, having a lot of fun along the way. In my free time, I like football, boxing and spending time with family and friends.

Brune in short:

  • Previously: consultant for Deloitte and ABN AMRO and as an independent professional for large banks
  • Expertise: from IT selection and implementation to non-financial risk- and ERM engagements and from vision and strategy assignments to data quality improvement and Regulatory Reporting projects
  • Education: Master in business administration (RuG), education Accounting and Control (VU), Certified Management Accounting I (IMA), Innovation in the age of disruption (INSEAD)