Ananda da Silva


Ananda da Silva (Consultant)

Proactive. Creative. Motivating.

“Times change, as do our wills. What we are is ever changing. All the world is made of change, and forever attaining new qualities.” – Luís Vazde Camões, Sonetosde Camões

This quote is from the renown portuguesepoet Luís Vazde Camões (1524-1580). He was inspired by the European Renaissance and this quote reflects the major changes which Europe and Portugal were undergoing in the 16thcentury. Our current times are also undergoing major changes, and our generation witnesses and actively participates in this transformation. This quote proves to be timeless. It shows change as a natural, intrinsic process, linked to our emotions, interests, and our experience as a collective. By changing allows us to move, innovate, and design the new.

At ACE Company we work in teams, and I am focused on supporting our internal projects as well as our assignment. My focus is on Project Management, Organizational Development and Change management. The process of identifying the cause of the problems and delivering good work is what gives me energy. I made a difference in organizations which I worked for, from advising at the board level to implementing projects at the operational level, across countries and nationalities. I am proud to have succeeded bridging internal silos, managing stakeholders, implementing complex projects and delivering organizational change.

Outside the office hours, I love to spend time singing and meditating. I love travelling, volunteering and spending times with my loved ones.

Ananda in short:

  • Previous senior Project and Process Manager Payments
  • Experience: Projectand Process Management, KYC, GDPR
  • Education: Management at University Sao Paulo; Organizational Development and Change Management at Universitè Laval, Canada and master (enrolled) Open Universiteit, Netherlands; Business Process Manager Master